TVG General Help

Using Today's Race Program Page

View today’s running tracks with next race information for each track in the Track dropdown. Select a track for more detailed information. Click the Balance button to make a deposit. If you don’t see a Balance button, go to My Profile, scroll down and select ‘Display Balance On’.


Placing a Bet

Click a ‘Bet Now’ button to launch the Bet Ticket.

For even faster wagers, click a Quick Bet button to launch the Bet Ticket for a specific wager type.


Favorite Tracks

Click anywhere in the Favorite Tracks bar to open.


View next race and MTP/Post Time for each of your favorite tracks. Click the track name, race, or MTP to select that race in the race program page. Click video icon to launch live streaming video. Select ‘Open Tracks Only’ to hide closed tracks. Click ‘Select Tracks’ to change your favorites. Drag bottom border to resize and view a few or many favorite tracks.



Click anywhere in the Probables bar to open.


View probable payout on a $2 bet for each horse combination. Choose from available bet types and view pool total for selected bet type. Drag bottom border to resize and view entire probables chart or only a portion.


Race Entries Tab

View race entries, including horse, jockey, trainer with free handicapping data and latest track conditions, jockey changes and horse scratches.


Free Handicapping

Free Handicapping views include Jockey & Trainer Information, Equibase Picks & Snapshot, Speed & Class Rating, Pace, Jockey & Trainer Statistics.


Late Changes Tab

View history of track conditions, jockey changes and horse scratches for a single race or for the entire track race card.


Results Tab

View top finishers and payouts for all available wager types for a single race or for all Official races.


My Bets Tab

View all of your wagers for today or filter by Bet Status and/or Track.


Using the Bet Ticket

Your preference for favorite Bet Type and Amount will be automatically set in the Bet Ticket, when available on the selected race. Click the Preference button in the Bet Ticket to change your favorites or to choose the ‘Classic’ Bet Ticket with Amount displayed above Bet Type.


Using the Bet Confirmation

The Bet Confirmation provides time-saving options.

  • The ‘Same Race’ button will display the Bet Ticket again for the same race with your favorite Bet Type & Amount pre-selected.
  • The ‘Same Bet’ button will display the Bet Ticket again with the same selections as your previous wager; you may modify your selections to create your next wager.
  • The ‘Repeat Now’ button will immediately submit another wager that is the same as your previous wager.
  • The ‘Close’ button will close the Bet Ticket, including the Bet Confirmation.


Using the Sidebars

Using the Left Sidebar

Keep an eye on Upcoming Races and your Account Snapshot from any page in the site. Click on an upcoming race to view that race on the race program page.


Using the Right Sidebar

Keep an eye on Current Odds, Pools, and Will Pays from any page in the site.